Light it up!

Have you seen the world around you : it’s getting darker and duller with every passing day. Have you seen the colors fading away as we speed up towards our destinations , not bothering to stop for a minute , to look around , to see beauty and colors and light. 

Have you ever noticed the life we’re living? It’s like someone has pushed the accelerator of a car , as the car speeds up the vision gets blurred. Colors start to faint , destination getting nearer. 

Have you ever wondered what then? What next when you reach the destination? Another goal to achieve. What about all the beauty and colors that you have missed on your way? What about all the moments that you saved for your future , not bothering to enjoy the present? 

There’s no end to our journeys. One after the other ; stops. There is no destination. There is nothing but time. Time is everything. The “Now” is law. There’s no point being blind for an endless race. Stop , take a deep breathe , relax. This is our world. We are here to rule. Don’t let the one-minute stops define you because what makes us us is primitive; it’s the same. Look around you , explore , gather , pass on. Slow down and let the light and colors flow through you. 


LIFE, as we know it! 

Sometimes in life , we reach at a point where we’re tired. Whether 16 , 23 or 38 we’re tired of making a way in and out for temporary people. At that point, we’re most vulnerable. We want an anchor to hold on to , forever , till our last breath. We want to be alone , we’re messed up and lonely and exhausted and tired. Everyone and everything seems fake and disturbing. 

At such point in life , don’t look for people who’ll stay ; because we’re humans and we never stop, look for an anchor strong enough to last a lifetime and more. People arenot anchors they’re travellers bound to move on. Don’t rely on them , don’t expect them to last a lifetime , because they’re not meant to. 

Choices and Us

And urdu quotation states ” Hmary ikhteyaar ki hadd wahan khtm hoti hai jahan beikhteyaari shuru ho” .We always have a choice till there’s no choice left, and how many times has it occured that we are left with nothing but dead ends?Never. Everytime we make a choice thinking “there’s no other way” , there’s always another way. It’s just our mind playing games. It’s just a way to fulfill our desire , to justify something that we wish to do. Have you ever seen an ant trying to climb a wall? Have you seen it fall down and start over again and again? Does it just stops climbing when it falls , thinking it has no choice but to go somewhere else? No. Then how can we just give up on something , choose the easier path , satisfying out conscious with ” no choice left” board? 

This is how we shape ourselves , this is what makes us. The more mentally strong you get , the less your desires jump in your way , the more clearer you’ll see the path , more choices you’ll be able to explore. Get a control of yourself , don’t always jump onto conclusions when you face a diverging path , don’t choose the easier because you don’t know what it will lead you to. Just take a minute , pacify your hungry desires and ponder over the ways with a clearer mind to see the choices you have. Stay strong , Stay human.

Sweet Blasphemy

One day Moses was walking in the mountains on his own when he saw a shepherd in the distance. The man was on his knees with his hands spread out to the sky, praying. Moses was delighted. But when he got closer, he was equally stunned to hear the shepherd’s prayer. “Oh, my beloved God, I love Thee more than Thou can know. I will do anything for Thee, just say the word. Even if Thou asked me to slaughter the fattest sheep in my flock in Thy name, I would do so without hesitation. Thou would roast it and put its tail fat in Thy rice to make it more tasty.” Moses inched toward the shepherd, listening attentively. “Afterward I would wash Thy feet and clean Thine ears and pick Thy lice for Thee. That is how much I love Thee.” Having heard enough, Moses interrupted the shepherd, yelling, “Stop, you ignorant man! What do you think you are doing? Do you think God eats rice? Do you think God has feet for you to wash? This is not prayer. It is sheer blasphemy.” Dazed and ashamed, the shepherd apologized repeatedly and promised to pray as decent people did. Moses taught him several prayers that afternoon. Then he went on his way, utterly pleased with himself. But that night Moses heard a voice. It was God’s. “Oh, Moses, what have you done? You scolded that poor shepherd and failed to realize how dear he was to Me. He might not be saying the right things in the right way, but he was sincere. His heart was pure and his intentions good. I was pleased with him. His words might have been blasphemy to your ears, but to Me they were sweet blasphemy.” Moses immediately understood his mistake. The next day, early in the morning, he went back to the mountains to see the shepherd. He found him praying again, except this time he was praying in the way he had been instructed. In his determination to get the prayer right, he was stammering, bereft of the excitement and passion of his earlier prayer. Regretting what he had done to him, Moses patted the shepherd’s back and said: “My friend, I was wrong. Please forgive me. Keep praying in your own way. That is more precious in God’s eyes.” The shepherd was astonished to hear this, but even deeper was his relief. Nevertheless, he did not want to go back to his old prayers. Neither did he abide by the formal prayers that Moses had taught him. He had now found a new way of communicating with God. Though satisfied and blessed in his naive devotion, he was now past that stage—beyond his sweet blasphemy.

Don’t judge the way other people connect to God. To each his own way and his own prayer. God does not take us at our word. He looks deep into our hearts. It is not the ceremonies or rituals that make a difference, but whether our hearts are sufficiently pure or not.

– extract from “Forty Rules Of Love” by Elif Shafak

Thorns and roses 

Once in our lifetime ,or twice ,or thrice or uncountable times , we stand at a position where we think that people around us do one thing – hurt. What we don’t realise is that “you give what you have”  , and  this is what they have. 

They have nothing but thorns to give. Whenever you stand at such a position always remember you have to be the one to hand them a rose and to let them see beauty , for beauty is what they want and beauty is what heals them. Care is their ultimate solution . Get hurt , stand up , smile and hand them a rose and let them see the beauty they envy – your beauty.

This is life. If you’re good you’ll be walked over by others and you’ll find people who’d be ready to be laid by your side even if that means that they will have to suffer pain.. real strength lies in forgiving those people and being who you are – good.

I wish 💔

​Why did it all has to be together? You were so near to me yet so far. i could feel your eyes on me and i could see her sitting next to you. Why did it have to be so messed up? Why was it the same moment that i found life and faced death? Why did it have to be the same moment i found you and lost myself? 

I wish those were different moments. I wish it were different times.  The moment gives me life and kills me too. I wish and i wish but the moment is forever. Life and death collided.

Why everytime i close my eyes i see you there? Why everytime i open my eyes you disappear? Are you just a figment of my imagination ? Or Are you just so unreachable? Why did i fall for you in the first place? Why did you not stop me? I wish you had stopped me. For i fell , and i fell deep down in an abyss of emotions , with nothing but just your dreams. I wish you had stopped me . For now , I’m drowning more and more , with every passing second i get closer to my end yet i hope to find you , to touch you , to feel you. I wish you had stopped me. I wish .

Dear Bestfriend ,

For Aqsa , Atta  and to all my bestfriends ,

Dear bestfriend,
They say it’s difficult to define love i say it’s even difficult to define friendship. It’s a connection too deep that the words may fail to relate to it’s absolute sanctity. It’s impossible to determine the hidden depth of this extraordinary relation. We love , we hate , we cry , we laugh and we live it.

It’s a relation of hearts knowing no bounds. It can be light as a feather or heavy as a mountain. It can be sweeter than honey or bitter than poison. It may take ages to build or it may take a moment. It can be fragile as a glass or it may be stronger than the rocks. It can be a rose which blooms and withers or it may last for an eternity. For , it’s a house we build , it’s a house we destroy.

   Dear bestfriend, 

 Thankyou for being my strength , brightening my somber days and lighting the path of my heart. Thankyou for choosing to be by my side . Thankyou for not leaving me . Thankyou for being my friend. Every moment we spend together is a moment worth remembering .

 Your presence lifts my spirits. Your happiness makes me happy. I feel your pain to a depth i can’t describe. We may not talk everyday , the distances may separate us but i promise the place you hold in my life will never be anyone else’s. You will always be my bestfriend till the end of times.

They envy , they hate , they misunderstand but it doesn’t effect me . I say that I love you and i mean it.

 Dear bestfriend , stay mine forever.