Sweet Blasphemy

One day Moses was walking in the mountains on his own when he saw a shepherd in the distance. The man was on his knees with his hands spread out to the sky, praying. Moses was delighted. But when he got closer, he was equally stunned to hear the shepherd’s prayer. “Oh, my beloved God, … More Sweet Blasphemy

Love Almighty!

“You deserve better , forget and move on”, he said. You’ll find someone better. You’ll fall for someone else who will care for you. Someday a special person will make you forget this pain. Don’t cry , you are better than this. If he doesn’t care you should get over your feelings. “But dont you … More Love Almighty!

Forever 💔

He promised to be by her side , to be her shadow , to stay with her in the thick and thins . From summer to winter , from darkest of the times to the merriest ones. He promised to feel every moment turning gold with her , to taste love with her , to … More Forever 💔


As the summer leaves turned golden…the setting sun became colder and the night sky turned darker . She felt her past creep into her. The mended cracks of her heart started seeping. The memories pushed deep inside her soul showed up to the surface. As she stood at her balcony , on the winter night..She … More Winter

Light it up!

Have you seen the world around you : it’s getting darker and duller with every passing day. Have you seen the colors fading away as we speed up towards our destinations , not bothering to stop for a minute , to look around , to see beauty and colors and light.  Have you ever noticed … More Light it up!

Choices and Us

And urdu quotation states ” Hmary ikhteyaar ki hadd wahan khtm hoti hai jahan beikhteyaari shuru ho” .We always have a choice till there’s no choice left, and how many times has it occured that we are left with nothing but dead ends?Never. Everytime we make a choice thinking “there’s no other way” , there’s … More Choices and Us

Thorns and roses 

Once in our lifetime ,or twice ,or thrice or uncountable times , we stand at a position where we think that people around us do one thing – hurt. What we don’t realise is that “you give what you have”  , and  this is what they have.  They have nothing but thorns to give. Whenever … More Thorns and roses 

I wish 💔

​Why did it all has to be together? You were so near to me yet so far. i could feel your eyes on me and i could see her sitting next to you. Why did it have to be so messed up? Why was it the same moment that i found life and faced death? … More I wish 💔

Dear Bestfriend ,

For Aqsa , Atta  and to all my bestfriends , Dear bestfriend, They say it’s difficult to define love i say it’s even difficult to define friendship. It’s a connection too deep that the words may fail to relate to it’s absolute sanctity. It’s impossible to determine the hidden depth of this extraordinary relation. We … More Dear Bestfriend ,