Thorns and roses 

Once in our lifetime ,or twice ,or thrice or uncountable times , we stand at a position where we think that people around us do one thing – hurt. What we don’t realise is that “you give what you have”  , and  this is what they have. 

They have nothing but thorns to give. Whenever you stand at such a position always remember you have to be the one to hand them a rose and to let them see beauty , for beauty is what they want and beauty is what heals them. Care is their ultimate solution . Get hurt , stand up , smile and hand them a rose and let them see the beauty they envy – your beauty.

This is life. If you’re good you’ll be walked over by others and you’ll find people who’d be ready to be laid by your side even if that means that they will have to suffer pain.. real strength lies in forgiving those people and being who you are – good.


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