Choices and Us

And urdu quotation states ” Hmary ikhteyaar ki hadd wahan khtm hoti hai jahan beikhteyaari shuru ho” .We always have a choice till there’s no choice left, and how many times has it occured that we are left with nothing but dead ends?Never. Everytime we make a choice thinking “there’s no other way” , there’s always another way. It’s just our mind playing games. It’s just a way to fulfill our desire , to justify something that we wish to do. Have you ever seen an ant trying to climb a wall? Have you seen it fall down and start over again and again? Does it just stops climbing when it falls , thinking it has no choice but to go somewhere else? No. Then how can we just give up on something , choose the easier path , satisfying out conscious with ” no choice left” board? 

This is how we shape ourselves , this is what makes us. The more mentally strong you get , the less your desires jump in your way , the more clearer you’ll see the path , more choices you’ll be able to explore. Get a control of yourself , don’t always jump onto conclusions when you face a diverging path , don’t choose the easier because you don’t know what it will lead you to. Just take a minute , pacify your hungry desires and ponder over the ways with a clearer mind to see the choices you have. Stay strong , Stay human.


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