Dear Bestfriend ,

For Aqsa , Atta  and to all my bestfriends ,

Dear bestfriend,
They say it’s difficult to define love i say it’s even difficult to define friendship. It’s a connection too deep that the words may fail to relate to it’s absolute sanctity. It’s impossible to determine the hidden depth of this extraordinary relation. We love , we hate , we cry , we laugh and we live it.

It’s a relation of hearts knowing no bounds. It can be light as a feather or heavy as a mountain. It can be sweeter than honey or bitter than poison. It may take ages to build or it may take a moment. It can be fragile as a glass or it may be stronger than the rocks. It can be a rose which blooms and withers or it may last for an eternity. For , it’s a house we build , it’s a house we destroy.

   Dear bestfriend, 

 Thankyou for being my strength , brightening my somber days and lighting the path of my heart. Thankyou for choosing to be by my side . Thankyou for not leaving me . Thankyou for being my friend. Every moment we spend together is a moment worth remembering .

 Your presence lifts my spirits. Your happiness makes me happy. I feel your pain to a depth i can’t describe. We may not talk everyday , the distances may separate us but i promise the place you hold in my life will never be anyone else’s. You will always be my bestfriend till the end of times.

They envy , they hate , they misunderstand but it doesn’t effect me . I say that I love you and i mean it.

 Dear bestfriend , stay mine forever.


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