Let go ๐Ÿ’”

Oh darling , it is difficult to hold on but it’s far easier than letting go. After all this time, all these years , after all the sufferings and pain , you still reside in my heart. You always will.  Sometimes i think , you’re a wizard who has bewitched me. I’m your enchanted slave … More Let go ๐Ÿ’”

The Confession..

Entering the room , the first thing he noticed was the clean side-table and a neat bed which was covered with his files and papers everywhere. “It must have been her” , a smiled crossed his lips as he thought of her. Just a month and a half and he felt like he was already … More The Confession..

Love Almighty!

“You deserve better , forget and move on”, he said. You’ll find someone better. You’ll fall for someone else who will care for you. Someday a special person will make you forget this pain. Don’t cry , you are better than this. If he doesn’t care you should get over your feelings. “But dont you … More Love Almighty!

Forever ๐Ÿ’”

He promised to be by her side , to be her shadow , to stay with her in the thick and thins . From summer to winter , from darkest of the times to the merriest ones. He promised to feel every moment turning gold with her , to taste love with her , to … More Forever ๐Ÿ’”


As the summer leaves turned golden…the setting sun became colder and the night sky turned darker . She felt her past creep into her. The mended cracks of her heart started seeping. The memories pushed deep inside her soul showed up to the surface. As she stood at her balcony , on the winter night..She … More Winter