Let go 💔

Oh darling , it is difficult to hold on but it’s far easier than letting go. After all this time, all these years , after all the sufferings and pain , you still reside in my heart. You always will. 

Sometimes i think , you’re a wizard who has bewitched me. I’m your enchanted slave ; ready to sacrifice my everything for your smile , your happiness , for you. 

I gave you my heart but you threw it. I gave you my soul but you shredded it. I gave you my trust but you broke it. I gave you myself and you walked over me , and you walked away. You make me suffer and cry. You love to see me writhing and burning and dying for you . And i love to make you happy so i suffer and cry. 

   But canim , do you know that i let you go? I’m holding on to my love for you. As it gives me strength and hope and purpose to live , but i let you go. For you my darling , have to live and love for this world ; and i have to live for my love .

 So, I let you go … But always remember , there will be a time that you’ll feel the pain I’m in but there won’t be any going back. And you will not be able to let go .. of me and my love.


The Confession..

Entering the room , the first thing he noticed was the clean side-table and a neat bed which was covered with his files and papers everywhere. “It must have been her” , a smiled crossed his lips as he thought of her.

Just a month and a half and he felt like he was already dependent on her. His life was smooth before her as well but it was never so maintained. He never wanted her but she came. And her presence now counted. From his suits to his food and his work tensions, she was his savior. Wasn’t it her who made sure his clothes were organised and in place. His shoes are polished or not. Is the breakfast of his choice or not? The meal prepared was whatever he was wishing for. He had been eating meals from five-stars but nothing competed that. For the meal she prepared was filled with love. He could sense the aroma of it 💞.

Wasn’t it her who has changed him? Who brought him to a life he never thought existed. She made him see the beauty of life he hadn’t encountered. She made him see the trance of the moon and the rainbows and rain and flowers and sunshine as much more than objects.

The creaking of the door interrupted her thoughts. Turning around , he saw her walking towards him with a smile on her face and a cup of coffee in her hands. “Just what i was about to ask for” , he thought. 💞
As she was about to turn and go he called her, ” How do you know what i need without even asking ?” . “My heart leads me.”, She smiled. Oh how beautiful she looked with that modest smile.

Everything about her was so beautiful.Her eyes, her lips , her cheeks , her hair , her hands , her voice , EVERYTHING.

Placing the cup on the table he walked towards her. Gently placed a hand over her cheeks. Looking up she saw a glint of an unpredictable emotion in his eyes. ” Hypnotist”, she thought 💞. She couldn’t stop looking at him. And he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

In this beautiful moment , when the time had stopped and they could hear each other’s heartbeats, he made the best of the confessions. “I love you , my life , More than anything.”

With tears in her eyes she placed her head over his chest and answered ,” You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Love Almighty!

“You deserve better , forget and move on”, he said. You’ll find someone better. You’ll fall for someone else who will care for you. Someday a special person will make you forget this pain. Don’t cry , you are better than this. If he doesn’t care you should get over your feelings.

“But dont you hear me say i “love” him? Or do you not understand the meaning of love? Why would i move on when i love him? I don’t want him , i don’t own him , i dont need him , I LOVE HIM.

And love never wants , it gives. Why am i supposed to forget him when loving him is what makes me happy? It has no boundaries , it has no conditions . Why should i stop loving him if he doesn’t care? I don’t love him for him, i love him for me. And when we love , we never need anyone else to strengthen us because love is the greatest of all strengths.

” If love was that easy every person would have been a saint , my dear.” For love demands sacrifice and patience. And brings pain and torture and disgrace, and peace and happiness. I don’t love him to get him , i love him because i do and i will not stop loving him. Because love never ends and it can never be forgotten. Love knows how to wait till the end of times. With every breathe i take , until my last breathe , i will love him with all my heart and soul with patience . Because not everyone is blessed with love , for love is bestowed to those who have courage and those who know.”


You are exquisite💋

For those who are my strength 💞

But darling you are exquisite – a masterpiece. Your smile – it’s bewitching. Your eyes are like stars of the galaxy ,lighting up the dim dark night of my soul. Your hands – the way you intertwine them with mine – gives warmth to my lifeless body. Your touch turns my world so bright. The melody of your voice brings colors to the dull world around me.

Oh darling , you don’t need anyone to be complete. You’re already whole like the Sun giving heat and light and warmth.

You don’t need me as an anchor , it’s me who desperately wants you to give me strength . You’re like a wild flower that has it’s own kind of beauty , that doesn’t look for admirers but admirers look for it. You’re like the morning breeze – sweet and refreshing.

You , my darling , are exquisite – a masterpiece , desired by all .

Blessed with the best !

Despite her golden heart and a pure soul , she lived in a state of constant melancholy, for their acrebity distressed her. She wished for herself to change…to be like them all… For they considered her too common, too typical.

With her mind and soul both pure and innocent , she didn’t know the reality. She didn’t know that they were all jackals disguised as wolves , too busy in hiding their own selves behind the masks to acknowledge her beauty, to feel her originality. Maybe it scared them..for they were jackals..afraid to show their ownselves to the world. Too afraid to face the world being themselves.

“I’m just so ordinary ,why would they love me?” She thought. She was just another girl who admired the night sky, desired for the moon ,who was bewitched by glitter , who played with bubbles , who was fascinated by roses. “I’m too weak for them maybe” she thought , as she didn’t pretend to be strong..she cried when she was hurt , she showed concern when she felt like , she loved when she loved. What she didn’t know was that “she was what she was.” She didn’t wear a mask to hide her weaknesses..

While they with their affected personalities couldn’t admire her originality. Verily , she was too precious to be loved by the weak.

So , destiny had better plans for her for she deserved the best.

Among them convergents was he , who was one of his kind.. Who had the courage to stand among them being himself , to acknowledge his own self , who was too busy improving himself that he had no time to pretend . He who knew their reality , he who detested their cowardice. He who seeked the originals he hadn’t found.

Fate flicked its wand upon them and their eyes met. It took no time for them to fall for each other… His personality entranced her and he was captivated by her beauty, her originality. Together they completed each other the way stars complete a night sky ..the way sunlight completes the moon.

They were meant for each other because they were who they were and so they were blessed with the best!


Forever 💔

He promised to be by her side , to be her shadow , to stay with her in the thick and thins . From summer to winter , from darkest of the times to the merriest ones. He promised to feel every moment turning gold with her , to taste love with her , to stay with her always and “forever”.

She thought forever wasn’t enough. She wanted him like an opium addict craves for opium. She loved him like a gardener loves his most precious and delicate flower . She needed the way a dying plant needs sunlight…the way a dying human wishes for life.

To her, he was the moon of her night sky , sun of her mornings , her air to breathe, her reason to smile , her partner in happiness , her strength in grief – her lifeline.

Yet , this happened. For fortune is inevitable. Living together , they grew apart . He wasn’t able to hear her silent screams ,She lost her ability to speak . With him beside her , she started writhing,burning …dying.

He wanted to leave ,She wanted him to stay. Their ” forever” lasted a few years. She cared for him,she quit. He cared for himself, he left– leaving her with nothing but memories.


As the summer leaves turned golden…the setting sun became colder and the night sky turned darker . She felt her past creep into her.

The mended cracks of her heart started seeping. The memories pushed deep inside her soul showed up to the surface.

As she stood at her balcony , on the winter night..She could feel his warm hugs. The fragrance of the night flower spears all around her in the fog , reminded her of his presence…His perfume!

Her eyes were clouded as the sky with her memories shining through, like the stars.

It was winter when he came…and winter when he left.

It was the season she longed for ,and the season she dreaded! It was a time she wanted to come back and the time she never wished for!

They say “winters are depressing!”, She disagreed. She knew winters don’t last forever like he didn’t but she knew they can make you complete absolutely whole like he did!