Light it up!

Have you seen the world around you : it’s getting darker and duller with every passing day. Have you seen the colors fading away as we speed up towards our destinations , not bothering to stop for a minute , to look around , to see beauty and colors and light. 

Have you ever noticed the life we’re living? It’s like someone has pushed the accelerator of a car , as the car speeds up the vision gets blurred. Colors start to faint , destination getting nearer. 

Have you ever wondered what then? What next when you reach the destination? Another goal to achieve. What about all the beauty and colors that you have missed on your way? What about all the moments that you saved for your future , not bothering to enjoy the present? 

There’s no end to our journeys. One after the other ; stops. There is no destination. There is nothing but time. Time is everything. The “Now” is law. There’s no point being blind for an endless race. Stop , take a deep breathe , relax. This is our world. We are here to rule. Don’t let the one-minute stops define you because what makes us us is primitive; it’s the same. Look around you , explore , gather , pass on. Slow down and let the light and colors flow through you. 


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