Love Almighty!

“You deserve better , forget and move on”, he said. You’ll find someone better. You’ll fall for someone else who will care for you. Someday a special person will make you forget this pain. Don’t cry , you are better than this. If he doesn’t care you should get over your feelings.

“But dont you hear me say i “love” him? Or do you not understand the meaning of love? Why would i move on when i love him? I don’t want him , i don’t own him , i dont need him , I LOVE HIM.

And love never wants , it gives. Why am i supposed to forget him when loving him is what makes me happy? It has no boundaries , it has no conditions . Why should i stop loving him if he doesn’t care? I don’t love him for him, i love him for me. And when we love , we never need anyone else to strengthen us because love is the greatest of all strengths.

” If love was that easy every person would have been a saint , my dear.” For love demands sacrifice and patience. And brings pain and torture and disgrace, and peace and happiness. I don’t love him to get him , i love him because i do and i will not stop loving him. Because love never ends and it can never be forgotten. Love knows how to wait till the end of times. With every breathe i take , until my last breathe , i will love him with all my heart and soul with patience . Because not everyone is blessed with love , for love is bestowed to those who have courage and those who know.”



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