You are exquisiteđź’‹

For those who are my strength đź’ž

But darling you are exquisite – a masterpiece. Your smile – it’s bewitching. Your eyes are like stars of the galaxy ,lighting up the dim dark night of my soul. Your hands – the way you intertwine them with mine – gives warmth to my lifeless body. Your touch turns my world so bright. The melody of your voice brings colors to the dull world around me.

Oh darling , you don’t need anyone to be complete. You’re already whole like the Sun giving heat and light and warmth.

You don’t need me as an anchor , it’s me who desperately wants you to give me strength . You’re like a wild flower that has it’s own kind of beauty , that doesn’t look for admirers but admirers look for it. You’re like the morning breeze – sweet and refreshing.

You , my darling , are exquisite – a masterpiece , desired by all .


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