Forever πŸ’”

He promised to be by her side , to be her shadow , to stay with her in the thick and thins . From summer to winter , from darkest of the times to the merriest ones. He promised to feel every moment turning gold with her , to taste love with her , to stay with her always and “forever”.

She thought forever wasn’t enough. She wanted him like an opium addict craves for opium. She loved him like a gardener loves his most precious and delicate flower . She needed the way a dying plant needs sunlight…the way a dying human wishes for life.

To her, he was the moon of her night sky , sun of her mornings , her air to breathe, her reason to smile , her partner in happiness , her strength in grief – her lifeline.

Yet , this happened. For fortune is inevitable. Living together , they grew apart . He wasn’t able to hear her silent screams ,She lost her ability to speak . With him beside her , she started writhing,burning …dying.

He wanted to leave ,She wanted him to stay. Their ” forever” lasted a few years. She cared for him,she quit. He cared for himself, he left– leaving her with nothing but memories.


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