As the summer leaves turned golden…the setting sun became colder and the night sky turned darker . She felt her past creep into her.

The mended cracks of her heart started seeping. The memories pushed deep inside her soul showed up to the surface.

As she stood at her balcony , on the winter night..She could feel his warm hugs. The fragrance of the night flower spears all around her in the fog , reminded her of his presence…His perfume!

Her eyes were clouded as the sky with her memories shining through, like the stars.

It was winter when he came…and winter when he left.

It was the season she longed for ,and the season she dreaded! It was a time she wanted to come back and the time she never wished for!

They say “winters are depressing!”, She disagreed. She knew winters don’t last forever like he didn’t but she knew they can make you complete absolutely whole like he did!


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